About PM Steamers

“Say that I love old ships – write nothing more upon the stone above my anchorage.  And they who read it will know I loved the roar of the breakers in by-gone sailing days…………..”

– Capt. W.H. VanDyke, PM Steamer 22


Since 1875 steam powered ferries have carried freight and passenger traffic across Lake Michigan from their home port of Ludington, once the largest freshwater car ferry port in the world.

The sole survivor of this once bustling fleet is the S.S. Badger, which can still be seen steaming towards the horizon as she did in 1953, her first year on the Lake.

Don’t miss the nightly “ringing of the bells” at Steamers when the Badger returns to her home each night during sailing season.


Get to Know Us

Steamers is entering our third decade of serving Mason County residents and visitors.

History plays a vital role with our PM Steamers family too.  Many of us have worked together here for 5, 10, 15 years AND MORE!.  The stories and friendships made with guests and co-workers are the threads that tie us.



Culinary Team

 – Kitchen Manager

With 21 years in the culinary business, Chris has the talent, drive and compassion to lead our team of cooks.  Chris started in August of 2015 as our Kitchen Manager, but has experience at a variety of local restaurants including past experience here at Steamers!


Christy Gregwer- Assistant Kitchen Manager

With over 15 years in local restaurant experience, Christy brings a local knowledge and excitement to our team.  She is leading the way in food safety and sanitation procedures to ensure a safe and clean work environment for our staff.  She also brings her pastry knowledge to our dessert tray on a nightly basis.


The rest of the team:

Ed Ashley; Wayne Oliver, James W. Jansen Jr.; A variety of skills and experience levels.


Dinning Room

Our Dinning Room Manager, Patty DeMint, works hard to ensure every guest has an experience to rave about.

Donna Nickelson, our Head Bartender has been busy shaking martinis and mixing drinks for over 20 years here.  Don’t hesitate to ask them for something special!